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Eyelash Extensions: Full Sets

Classic Set: $98 - $119

Hybrid Set: $120 - $136 

Volume Set: $140 - $170

MegaVolume Set: $168 - $204

Speedy Set: $85 - $100

Full Set Types

  • The classic set is where eyelash extensions begin. A classic application means that there is one extension per eyelash (a ratio of 1:1). This is great for anyone who is looking for more of an everyday mascara look and has a lot of natural lashes. It is also a good place to start for your first time.

    • Please keep in mind that Classic extensions do NOT add fullness, but can change the length, shape, and curl of your eyelashes. If you want a fuller look, go for Hybrid or Volume.

  • Hybrid Set is the best of both classic and volume. Our technicians will custom make volume fans to suit your eye shape and mix in classic extensions to give you full eyelashes with a little extra oomph.

    • Can't decide between Hybrid and Volume? Book the Hybrid Set if it's your first time; the difference will be enough to make you say "oh wow" when you look in the mirror without being too much.

  • Volume sets are from 2D to 5D lashes. This allows for multiple extensions on the same lash; we use lighter, thinner extensions to create a fan of extensions that we put onto a single natural eyelash. 2D and 5D refer to the amount of extensions applied (in a fan) to the same eyelash. 2D means we use two extensions; 3D means we use three extensions. See above for a deeper dive into Volume extensions.


Mega Volume Full Set

MegaVolume is for anything that goes above 6D, which means more than six (6) extensions per one (1) natural eyelash. We create and use fans with thinner, lighter extensions (to avoid damaging your natural lashes). These fans will be anywhere from 6-10D. It's a lot of lashes! This gives you the fullest look possible and can be made very, very dramatic.

This is for clients who are looking for a VERY dramatic eyelashes (think strip lashes). Adding Mega Volume to an appointment is a $15 upcharge.

Speedy Set (NEW!)

This is a no-frills experience for someone who wants a little extra oomph for a special occasion or boost of confidence. The full speedy set includes a full consultation and as many lashes as we can get on you in a 60 minute period (about 40-50 per eye). Pick between a more natural look or go wild with pre-made volume fans.

Please note that this set is intended for special occasions and is not intended to last as long as a Classic, Hybrid, or Volume Set.

Eyelash Extensions: Fills

Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Fills

45 Minutes: $42-51

60 Minutes: $56-68

75 Minutes: $70-85

90 Minutes: $90-102


Mega Volume Fills

Add $15 to the prices above. We do not recommend that mega volume fills be booked for less than 60 minutes.

Outside Client Fill: $84-102

Got your lashes done at another salon? No problem! We set aside more time than a typical touch-up to make sure we have enough time to address your concerns and match our technique to your prior work.

All outside clients coming in for fills must be booked like this. Any that aren't will be automatically adjusted at checkout.


Eyelashes: Lift, Tint, Cleaning, Removal

Lash Lift: $80
If you're looking for a change to your lashes but don't want extensions you can try a lash lift. Think of it as a perm for your lashes: it'll lift and curl them to give your eyes a little more attention. Lifts last 4 - 6 weeks. Includes tint.

Lash Tinting: $32
Want darker lashes without the use of mascara? Try a tint. We use an eye-safe color to darken your lashes. Tinting will last 4 - 6 weeks.


Lash Cleaning: $15

Get your lashes squeaky clean and help keep your extensions even longer! **If you come in with makeup on or around the eye area we will add this automatically to your service charge.

Lash Removal: $20+

Sometimes you're not satisfied with your lashes or want to take a break for a while. Whether you get them done at our salon or are coming in from elsewhere we are more than happy to remove them for you. A removal starts at 30 minutes for $20, and each 30 minutes after that is an additional $15. We generally only need the first 30 minutes, but if the extensions are particularly tricky we do require more time.

Sunless Tanning

Full Body Tan: $40

Happy Hour Tan:  $35

Package of 4: $128

Monthly Unlimited: $125

Happy Hour tanning is only available on Thursday from 11AM to 8PM and Fridays from 11AM to 5PM. If you book the service outside of those times we will adjust the price automatically when you come in.

Our Monthly Unlimited membership offers unlimited tanning every month. Want to stop in once a week? We got you. Want to come in twice a week? That's cool too. The membership is month-to-month and has no contract, so if you want to pause or cancel at any time you can do so. Memberships cannot be shared.

A full body spray tan includes a consultation, custom color, and spray from head to toe. We have various colors based on undertones and promise that you won't turn out orange (unless you say "orange" in the tan room; it's like saying "Macbeth" in a theater).

If you plan to receive multiple services, including tanning, please let us know. The tan should be booked before or after the following.

Get your tan before...

  • Makeup trial (12+ hours prior)

Get your tan after...

  • Lash extensions

  • Lash lifts

  • Brow laminations

  • Brow / Lash tinting

  • Manicure / Pedicure

  • Waxing (wait at least 24 hours)

Skincare: Facials & Dermaplaning

Flawless Fresh Express Facial: $60

Our Flawless Fresh Express Facial is designed to fit into your lunch break, so you can get in and out without anyone noticing you're gone. The express facial is good for all skin types and features a precleanse, cleanse, mask, steam, galvanic device, and the finishing touches that will make you feel fresh.

Flawless Signature Facial: $99

For all skin types. This facial will be custom tailored to your skin type and concerns. We will provide use of our high frequency machine, ultrasonic skin scrubber, and other cutting edge technology to treat skin conditions as needed. The facial includes cleanser, two masks, the use of the steam machine, extractions as needed, and a hand and arm massage.

We currently offer three signature facials:

  • ProBiotic

  • Hydrating

  • Anti-Aging

These facials are designed to work with any skin type and can be modified as needed.

Dermaplaning: $99

Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation technique that removes the outer layer of the skin to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, and hyperpigmentation. It also gets rid of unwanted peach fuzz and allows for better product absorption and smoother makeup application. Dermaplaning can be repeated every 3-4 weeks.



Glycolic or retinol products (within 72 hours)

Tanning (within 72 hours)

Nickle allergy

Accutane (within 6 months)

Waxing & Brazilians


Brows: $16

Lip & Chin: $32

Brow Wax & Tint: $32


Underarms: $36

Half Arm: $54

Leg: $72

Brazilian Wax: $72

Brazilian wax includes the entire front and back. Stomach strip can be added on for $18. Hair should be approximately 1/4 inch long, or about the size of a grain of rice.

Vajacial: $54

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