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All About Extensions

Everything you've ever wanted to know about lash extensions. Still have questions?

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Glossary & Terms


The natural eyelashes that grow on your head.


The synthetic hair to be applied. May be referred to as "classic" or "volume."

Eye Shape

What it means: The natural shape of your eyes, but not your lashes.

Ex: Close set, hooded, almond

Why it matters: Not all eyes are created equal. What works for one eye shape may not work for another


What it means: The length of an extension or eyelash from base to tip.

Ex: 7mm - 18mm

Why it matters: Applying extensions that are too long for your natural lashes will cause breakage and damage to your lashes. Your extensions will quickly fall off.


What it means: The curvature of the extension from base to tip.

Ex: C, CC, D, J, L

Why it matters: Extensions that don't match the eyelashes may cause premature shedding.

A curlier extension may allow for a longer length.


What it means: The weight of an individual lash extension. 

Ex: .03, .05, .15, .18

Why it matters: Extensions that are too heavy for eyelashes will cause shedding and breakage. 

We use weight to safely create volume fans that won't damage lashes.

Volume vs Classic

There are two main types of extensions, Classic and Volume. The difference between the pair comes down to weight and dimension.

Weight refers to how heavy an extension is​.

Dimension refers to the amount of volume extensions in a fan.

  • Extension weight generally ranges from .03 to .15. The larger the number the more weight it carries.​

  • A .15 weight extension is what we call a Classic extension. We use these on individual eyelashes but DO NOT make fans out of them; the combined weight will be .30 for two, which is way too heavy for most people's eyelashes.

    • We apply Classic Extensions at a 1:1 ratio; one extension per eyelash.​

  • Volume Extensions have a lighter weight. Those range from .03 to .07.

    • Volume extensions means there will be multiple extensions for each eyelash. We do this by gathering multiple extensions at the base to create a fan, then attach the base to a single natural eyelash. Think of a vase full of fresh flowers: your natural eyelash is the vase and the tips of the extensions are the flowers. The stems are the base of your extensions: they get closer together as they near the vase.​

Aside from weight, volume and classic lashes are very similar. The length, curl, and shape we create is all interchangeable.

Volume Fans & Dimensions

  • Volume Fans can range from 2D to 10D. The "D" stands for dimension, or how many extensions are applied in a fan. Ergo, a "3D" fan means that there are three extensions to one eyelash. 5D is five extensions to one eyelash.

    • Volume fans are from 2 - 5D.​

    • MegaVolume fans are from 4D - 10D. 

  • The higher the number, the more extensions are part of the fan. This leads to your lashes looking more full, as in it looks like you have a lot more lashes than you do. 

  • Consider the vase again: if you add more flowers you get a fuller look than if you only have a small amount of flowers.

What about Hybrid?

Hybrid refers to a set type rather than an extension type. Hybrid sets use a combination of volume fans and classic extensions to give you the best of both worlds. It's more full than a Classic Set, but less full than a Volume Set.

  • Consider the vase again. If classic lashes are a larger flower (let's think roses), and volume extensions are a smaller flower (like baby's breath), then a Hybrid set is both of them. We create balance for your lashes by applying multiple types of extensions.

  • If you're not sure about a Volume Set, Hybrid Set is the way to go. We can always add more.

Please keep in mind that while we strive to give you the lash look that you want, we will not apply extensions to lashes that cannot handle it, i.e. extensions that are too long or too heavy for your natural lashes.

Full Sets

The Classic Set is where eyelash extensions begin. A classic application means that there is one extension per eyelash (a ratio of 1:1). This is great for anyone who is looking for more of an everyday mascara look and has a lot of natural lashes. It is also a good place to start for your first time.

  • Please keep in mind that Classic extensions do NOT add fullness, but can change the length, shape, and curl of your eyelashes. If you want a fuller look, go for Hybrid or Volume.

Hybrid Set is the best of both classic and volume. Our technicians will custom make volume fans to suit your eye shape and mix in classic extensions to give you full eyelashes with a little extra oomph.

  • Can't decide between Hybrid and Volume? Book the Hybrid Set if it's your first time; the difference will be enough to make you say "oh wow" when you look in the mirror without being too much.

Volume Sets are from 2D to 5D lashes. This allows for multiple extensions on the same lash; we use lighter, thinner extensions to create a fan of extensions that we put onto a single natural eyelash. 2D and 5D refer to the amount of extensions applied (in a fan) to the same eyelash. 2D means we use two extensions; 3D means we use three extensions. See above for a deeper dive into Volume extensions.


Mega Volume Full Set

MegaVolume is for anything that goes above 6D, which means more than six (6) extensions per one (1) natural eyelash. We create and use fans with thinner, lighter extensions (to avoid damaging your natural lashes). These fans will be anywhere from 6-10D. It's a lot of lashes! This gives you the fullest look possible and can be made very, very dramatic.

Speedy Set

This is a no-frills experience for someone who wants a little extra oomph for a special occasion or boost of confidence. The full speedy set includes a full consultation and as many lashes as we can get on you in a 60 minute period (about 40-50 per eye). Pick between a more natural look or go wild with pre-made volume fans.

Please note that this set is intended for special occasions and is not intended to last as long as a Classic, Hybrid, or Volume Set.

Prep, Aftercare, Upkeep

Extension Prep

Arrive to your appointment with squeaky clean lashes.

Makeup wipes and lash cleaner are available in the lobby for your convenience.

Please remember that the more time we need to spend cleaning your lashes, the less time we have for applying extensions.

Extension Aftercare & Upkeep

Don't get your lashes wet for 24 hours.

Avoid pulling and twisting your extensions, as this may cause them to pop off prematurely (and can damage your natural lashes).

Clean your lashes at least once per day. We recommend a lash bath or baby shampoo cut with water. DO NOT brush your extensions when they are wet.

Avoid the use of oil-based products on or around the eyes.

If you plan to wear makeup, ensure that it is thoroughly removed at the end of each day. Do not use waterproof products (mascara / eye liner) on or near your extensions.

Steer clear of open flames or sudden exposure to high temperatures, such as opening an oven door, as this can cause extensions to become singed or melted.

DO NOT PICK OFF YOUR EXTENSIONS. If you'd like them removed, please come into the salon and allow us to do it properly to avoid damage to your natural lashes.

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