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Eyelash Extensions

From everyday mascara trends to red carpet couture, lash extensions will give you that "I woke up like this" vibe. Literally.


Full Sets

The Booking System

Full Sets

Classic Set: $135 - $164

Hybrid Set: $154 - $187

Volume Set: $193 - $234

MegaVolume Set: $231 - $281

Speedy Set: $85 - $100

The classic set is where eyelash extensions begin. A classic application means that there is one extension per eyelash (a ratio of 1:1). This is great for anyone who is looking for more of an everyday mascara look and has a lot of natural lashes. It is also a good place to start for your first time.

  • Please keep in mind that Classic extensions do NOT add fullness, but can change the length, shape, and curl of your eyelashes. If you want a fuller look, go for Hybrid or Volume.

Hybrid Set is the best of both classic and volume. Our technicians will custom make volume fans to suit your eye shape and mix in classic extensions to give you full eyelashes with a little extra oomph.

Can't decide between Hybrid and Volume? Book the Hybrid Set if it's your first time; the difference will be enough to make you say "oh wow" when you look in the mirror without being too much.

Volume Sets are from 2D to 5D lashes. This allows for multiple extensions on the same lash; we use lighter, thinner extensions to create a fan of extensions that we put onto a single natural eyelash. 2D and 5D refer to the amount of extensions applied (in a fan) to the same eyelash. 2D means we use two extensions; 3D means we use three extensions. 


We've streamlined the booking process to allow us to give our clients exactly what they ask for, even last minute adjustments. Rather than book by fill type we book by time block. These will be in 15 minute increments and will allow you the flexibility to customize your experience. ​

Want more lashes for a special event? Book a longer time. Want to try volume? Let us know when you get here. Able to go multiple weeks without an appointment? That's cool too.

We'll give you a recommended time block for your next appointment when you visit us.​

Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Fills

45 Minutes: $49-59

60 Minutes: $65-79

75 Minutes: $81-98

90 Minutes: $97-118


Mega Volume Fills

Add $15 to the prices above. We do not recommend that mega volume fills be booked for less than 60 minutes.

Outside Client Fill: $97-118

Got your lashes done at another salon? No problem! We set aside more time than a typical touch-up to make sure we have enough time to address your concerns and match our technique to your prior work.

All outside clients coming in for fills must be booked like this. Any that aren't will be automatically adjusted at checkout.

One Week Fills must be booked within one week of your prior appointment. There is otherwise not enough time for the majority of clients to be satisfied with their results.


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