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Sunkissed Glow Package - 4 Air Brush Spray Tans

Sunkissed Glow Package - 4 Air Brush Spray Tans

$160.00 Regular Price
$128.00Sale Price

Unleash Your Radiant Glow!


Are you ready to bask in the warm embrace of a golden tan that leaves you feeling like a sun-kissed goddess? Look no further than our Sun-Kissed Glow Package, offering you 4 exquisite spray tans for just $128. But that's not all – we're throwing in our special pH Balancing Spray and Pixie Powder, our in-house creation, to enhance your tanning experience.


Why Choose Our Sun-Kissed Glow Package:

  • Flawless Tanning: Our skilled technicians ensure that you achieve a beautifully even and natural-looking tan every time. Say goodbye to streaks and splotches!

  • Long-Lasting Radiance: Our included pH Balancing Spray prepares your skin to absorb the tan evenly, helping it last longer. You'll enjoy your sun-kissed glow for weeks!

  • Comfort Beyond Compare: Say farewell to that sticky feeling that often accompanies spray tans. Our exclusive Pixie Powder, created in-house, provides a velvety finish and prevents that uncomfortable, sticky sensation.

  • Safe and Skin-Friendly: We use high-quality, dermatologist-approved tanning solutions that are gentle on your skin, leaving you radiant and worry-free.

  • Convenience and Savings: The Sun-Kissed Glow Package not only offers you significant savings compared to individual sessions but also the convenience of having four tans to use whenever it suits your schedule.

  • Confidence Booster: Whether you're preparing for a special event or simply want to feel your best, our spray tans give you that radiant confidence to shine bright.

How to Use Your Package:

  • Purchase your Sun-Kissed Glow Package online or in-store.
  • Schedule your spray tan sessions at your convenience.
  • Arrive at our spa and prepare to be pampered and bronzed by our expert technicians.
  • Enhance your experience with the included pH Balancing Spray and Pixie Powder for a seamless, comfortable tan.

With our Sun-Kissed Glow Package, you'll embrace the beauty of a radiant tan that's long-lasting, comfortable, and confidence-boosting. Don't miss out on this incredible deal – transform your look and elevate your confidence today!

Note: Before scheduling your first session, we recommend discussing any specific preferences or questions you may have with our experienced technicians.

Embrace the sun-kissed glow of your dreams with our Sun-Kissed Glow Package - 4 Spray Tans for just $128. Experience the magic of flawless tanning with the added benefits of pH Balancing Spray and Pixie Powder. It's time to shine brighter than ever!

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